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Picture above shows how a multi-spindle machine brings top efficiency in final finishing

Deburring Tool - Easy Deburring, Automated

or Manual Use and Better Metal Finishes

                  Internal deburring with Flex-Hone --- >

< --- External deburring with NamPower........     ...

Easier to use deburring tools. Wide range of sizes from Australia's authorised importer. Deburring machines for finishing metal or hand deburring can all be speeded up with Flex-Hones used as your best efficiency improver in deburring tools.

Here's your simple solution to internal burrs

Large Burrs on Cross driled holes in tube before Flex-Honing

Before Flex-Honing

Metal Tube after Flex-Honing with burrs comp-letely removed and whole surface of tube in far better condition

After Flex-Honing

Picture aboveshows how a set of counter rotating Flex-Hones beats burrs in a 2 stroke cylinder

2 flex-hones side by side contra rotating remove metal burrs very quickly in manufaturing finishing operation

A specially made piece of equipment to hold 2 Flex-Hones side by side was the solution for this 2 stroke engine manufacturer. By rotating one hone clockwise and the other one anticlockwise you can beat burrs on both sides of a machined cross hole in any bore. The operator in this case gives a few seconds of honing as illustrated and then swaps the positions of the right and left hand cylinders and hones for a few more seconds. And presto - the ports are deburred on both sides. Although this was a manual operation it was more efficient than other practices.

Production line finishing 6 Flex-Hones rotating together in special purpose machine finish 6 cylinders in one pass

Again, this shows what can be done with innovation to cut manufacturing times where you have quantities of any piece of equipment with multiple cylinders. Even for smaller operations Flex-Hone gives great opportunities to improve and speed up the finishing process.

Simple operation or set it up in a CNC machining centre for more efficient external deburring

And now for an easier solution to external burrs

Abrasive bristle NamPower brush in production line deburrs and finishes external surface quickly and to top finish specifications

NamPower abrasive filament brushes are relatively new to the market and offer you a brilliant solution to the age-old problem of deburring. You can get these brushes in many configurations to suit your different application requirements. A few pictures of different types are shown below. And as well as the NamPower range there are abrasive bristle brushes of many configurations in this range of equipment.

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