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Flex-Hone - ball hone - Authorised Australian  importer & distributors

Cylinder hone tools for deburring and honing cylinders, boiler cleaning & heat exchanger cleaning. Used in hydraulics & engines - large marine engines down to 4mm valve guides & tube.  Cross Tools Co is also importer of the Time-Sert  &  Helicoil type thread insert, thread repair kits and E-Z Lok threaded inserts for plastic, wood & metal

480m (19")


Large Flex-hones up to 455mm or 18"

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and up to 900mm special orders

Miniature Flex-Hones to 4mm diameter for finishing and internal deburring of very small parts
Flex-Hones or ball hones, bottlebrush hones for ultimate life extension of hydraulic and engine cylinders or cleaning descaling heat exchangers




Know about Flex-Hone

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Long spindle Flex-Hones for firearms treat guns to bring them back to almost better than new performance

For  Guns

Rejuvenate Large Engines

Rejuvenate large engines with Flex-Hones anti wear surfaces produced on cylinders without removing engine  from vehicle or ship
Recondition large mining and earthmoving equipment with Flex-Hones for longer life

Recondition Large Machinery










Diagram #1 Microscopic schematic & roughness readout

WITHOUT Flex-Honing

Rouighness tester readout graph shows sharp peaks without or before Flex-Honing








Diagram #2

Microscopic schematic & roughness readout

AFTER Flex-Honing

Roughness tester graph after Flex-Honing shows smoothed surface for wear prevention yet small troughs retaing for lubricant supply

Why You Should Flex-Hone?

Simply because you'll increase the service life of many pieces of equipment by very worthwhile amounts. For instance  customers report  such things as double life between heat exchanger cleaning - up to 9 times the life of hydraulic seals and in race car engines  - far less downtime etc., etc.


How does Flex-Hone offer these gains?

Well, let's explain . . . when you finish by using Flex-Hones you produce a more frictionless surface than you could create with any other tool and by doing this you prevent premature wear in any mating parts like piston rings and seals. And in heat exchanger tubes you produce a finish that's actually better than new . That's why you get such radical improvement in the service life and performance of equipment.


And why you gain these advantages is because Flex-Hones use a totally different method of metal finishing to  any other machining or surface treatment process. We call it "downwards" finishing. Almost all other types of  metal processing use "upwards" cutting. Let's explain . . . cutting  tools of any type must penetrate below the surface and lift material up and off the workpiece. Ordinary abrasives  do exactly the same thing because they're just like thousands of miniature cutting tools. This always leaves a jagged finish even if it's so minute you can't see the sharp peaks (see Diagram #1 and the corresponding roughness readout at right).On the other hand Flex-Hones rub from the top of the work surface and smooth the jagged peaks downwards leaving a "plateaued" or flatter finish without jagged peaks (See Diagram #2 and the corresponding  roughness readout).

Anti wear finish produce by Flex-Hone increases life of parts customers report hydraulic seals lasting even up to 9 times as long
Finish hydraulic cylinders with Flex-Hones for ultimate results. Customers report even up to 9 times the life of hydraulic seals

Finish Hydraulic Cylinders

Descale Heat Exchangers & Boilers

Descale & clean heat exchangers & boilers with Flex-Hones for far longer periods between routine maintenance cleaning


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